School Breaks Me

Around the end of year of 8th grade I began to write poems about school for an English project. For once words came to me easily. I wrote many poems of school, and none were positive. Only because school at the time had more negatives then positives, but it’s better now. I thought I would share them with y’all.

Hope you enjoy or whatever,


Why Won’t it END?!


I woke up.

I Never realized;

My eyes were open,

But I couldn’t move.

The reason, I didn’t want too.

What awaits me, school,

The devils place,

Where happiness is drained.

I start out happy,

But it goes away.

It’s the end of the year.

Why can’t we leave?

9 months of sadness,

Should not equal 3 months of joy.

School sucks, that’s it.

It’s pointless, that’s it.

14 days, I’m counting,

But it’s adding,

Not subtracting.

End it please.

I hate reading.

I hate numbers.

I hate learning.

End it please.


Do You Remember?

Do you that remember time,

We learned to Rhyme.

No?, oh!

When we learned percentages,

And it took ages.

No? Oh!

Maybe when we learned the states,

Then we would celebrate.

No? Oh!

I wonder why!

I can remember that hot sub guy.


I don’t know a thing about taxes,

But I know all I can about fractions.


I’ve memorized 12 x 12 squared,

But I can’t fight back when I’m scared.


Its fine at least I know by ABC’s and my 123’s

And how I’ll never get by in a breeze.




Reading, Writing, crying

All things I associate with school.

The place where I’m slowly dying.

I know. I know. How Cruel?

Its like prison. Horrifying!

All I do is sit there all day and drool.

I don’t like learning,

It puts my head in circles.

Makes me feel like I’m burning.

It’s harder than hurdles.

I wish I had a warning,

That my brain is as slow as turtle.

It’s okay though,

At least I’m educated.

And I still show,

To a place that is dictated.

And even when I’m slow,

I won’t get frustrated.


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